There are several mobile network operators in Africa. Here are the top 8 largest operators today:


There have been convincing signs that the center of global development is moving to the African continent in the recent past. Countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, and Botswana have registered remarkable growth.
The industries thriving are manufacturing, renewable energy, and education. Telecom companies have become an integral part of the development of the African continent. Consequently, this has made the telecom companies very profitable and attractive to investors that are interested know how to buy MTN shares, one of the largest telecom providers in the world.
There are several mobile network operators in Africa. Here are the top 8 largest operators today:
8. GloCom
GloCom is relatively new in the African telecom market. Nevertheless, it has risen quickly to become a reputable telecom operator in the continent primarily because of its SIM cards. The cards have become trendy in Accra, Ghana, where the company operates by the name BloCom Mobile Ghana. Reports suggest that the company’s annual revenue stands at 1.17 billion USD.
7. Safaricom
Safaricom has established itself as an integral player in the Kenyan telecom industry. It is popular among Kenyans having over 12 million subscribers. It also has a significant number of individuals using its internet services. The company’s annual revenues are reported to be around 1.8 billion USD. It is popular in all the country’s major cities and towns. It also runs a popular mobile money transfer system known as M-Pesa, which has revolutionized how business is done in the country.
6. Ethiopian Telecommunications Company
It is popularly referred to as Ethio Telecom and is a subsidiary of the Government of Ethiopia. The government uses the operator to offer phone and internet services to its citizens. According to reports, the company makes up 1.19 billion annually in revenues. At the moment, it is working on ways to expand its reach to millions of Ethiopians.
5. Etisalat Misr
The company is also known as Etisalat Egypt and is regarded as one of the country’s fastest and most trusted telecommunication operators. It was the first Egyptian company to offer its users Downlink at a rate of 7.2 megabits per second. This feature made it a favorite among the Egyptians who prefer consistent internet access. Up to 99% of Egyptians use Etisalat Misr’s internet services because of their speed and reliability. This enables the operator to generate up to 3 billion USD annually in revenue.
4. Airtel Africa
Airtel Africa is a subsidiary of the Bharti Airtel Company. The company boasts around 78 million subscribers in the African continent. It is particularly prevalent in Ghana and Nigeria, which account for 60 million of its clients. The company’s services are popular among business professionals and individuals who travel across the continent. Their One Service plan allows customers to buy a service plan from one country and use it at a constant price across other countries. Reports reveal that Airtel makes up to 3.5 billion USD annually.
3. Vodacom
Vodacom boasts over 55 million customers making it one of the largest subscriber networks in Africa. It offers its telecommunication services in 40 different countries, including Nigeria, Mozambique, Zambia, Angola, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is predominant in South Africa, its headquarters having around 23 million subscribers, which is 58% of the market share. Vodacom earns 5.4 billion USD in revenue every year.
2. The MTN Group
The MTN Group is also based in South Africa and offers telecommunication services in Africa, Asia, and Europe. The company has enjoyed great success in Nigeria, where it enjoys 35% of the market share. Its vast operations have enabled the company to make 10.95 billion USD in revenue annually. It is loved for its top-quality yet affordable services.
1. Orange Egypt
Orange Egypt was initially known as Mobinil. It is the largest telecommunications company in Africa. It makes up to 11 billion USD every year. It is a trailblazer in telecommunication infrastructure. The company has installed underground coverage stations across Cairo and other major population centers in Egypt. It also works with satellite companies to offer roaming services.
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