In 2019, mobile technologies and services generated 9% of GDP in sub-Saharan Africa – 155 billion USD. Raising the level of very broadband penetration at the dawn of the digital ec[...]
Ethiopia is a hotly contested market, considering its growing population and slow penetration by telecommunication services. The country has more than 100 million people and an est[...]
Rotating Chairman of Chinese telecoms giant Huawei, Eric Xu Zhiju, has teased a new book published by his company that says 6G will be ready by 2030. That’s not an especially risky[...]
Huawei’s Nova 8 and Nova Y60 smartphones are now both available in South African stores and online – offering unprecedented performance in their price ranges. Huawei’s Nova 8 and N[...]
Huawei announces much-awaited 2021 App development competition: Huawei HMS App Innovation Contest (Apps UP) – Large prize pool includes up to US$200K for developers in MEA &#[...]
Over the last 36 months, 5G has rapidly gained mindshare in society as a vital technology. But not all stakeholders in industries adjacent to the telecom industry understand what m[...]
Nigeria’s smartphone market grew 2.0% in unit terms quarter on quarter (QoQ) in Q2 2021, according to the latest figures from global technology and consulting services firm Interna[...]
Last May, Tanzania obtained a loan from the World Bank to develop its telecoms infrastructure. The government wants to invest in improving the broadband connection for more than 75[...]
Sensitivity analysis conducted by ethio telecom projected that the ongoing war in the north and destruction of telecom infrastructure in different parts of the country might cause [...]
US mobile chip giant Qualcomm has made its bid to dominate drones as it already does smartphones with the launch of the Flight Platform. One of the ways Qualcomm has managed to mai[...]